Accelerating APIs for digital QA evolution

In this modern application efficiency era, API testing plays an essential role in any software application development. Previously, testing was always performed only when the GUI was completed. The testing team has to wait till the code completion phase to start a test execution. For better productivity, API testing practises have slowly started to fade away from the conventional testing process. It also ensures that a tester need not wait till the completion of the GUI layer.


Scaling Scrum with Nexus

Nexus is an instructive framework that resides above scrum with some rules and events that helps in scaling the scrum with team size between 3 and 9.

Let’s say, eight teams are working toward a common goal, all the teams can be brought together under one roof towards the same goal through Nexus. The common goal is broken into small chunks called user stories; these user stories are then allocated proportionally to each team.