itTrident – Customer focused, Value conscious and Quality driven - is a growing software development services company in the digital transformation space. We are an ISO 9001:27001 Certified Software Services Company. We enable organizations to unlock their potential by providing consulting services to identify areas of IT automation, end-to-end IT application development, implementation and support. ItTrident was founded on the principle of being different, like a contrarian, in the crowded space of software services. Specifically, itTrident offers full stack development, mobile application development, and DevOps, QA in airlines, banking, travel, and healthcare sectors. Our customers span across the globe.


Full Stack Development

We have a team of experts who can visualize the application in its entirety – from front end, through middleware and the back end – and understand the nuances involved in the seamless integration across these three stages. itTrident prides in having competent and experienced people in this fast-growing area – full stack development.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Desktops are dinosaurs of yesteryear. Laptops belong to an “endangered species”. Mobile phones are the “in-thing”. With 5G proliferating fast, soon mobile phones will be the only devices to be used for everything from access to communication to purchase to payment. We develop applications for iOS and Android phones.

DevOps Support
Devops Support

Our specialized team of DevOps engineers can handle all system, and network related matters to ensure a smooth 24 x 7 operation, especially for mission critical applications. The uptime of the servers and applications can be guaranteed to the desired levels with necessary hardware and software redundancies, geographical distributions, and mirror servers. This DevOps team serves as the backbone of every organization. It is equipped to handle deployments on cloud platforms.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Support

itTrident has successfully developed and delivered various client-side solutions and applications for the customers by using Microsoft 365 products. These solutions contain custom applications, Intranets, Automated Workflows, Dashboards and chatbots.

Quality Assurance
Software Quality Assurance

QA is the bedrock of all that itTrident does. The company believes that all applications should work the same way each and every time. It has a dedicated SQA team of certified testing professionals to do all types of testing - from the mundane function testing to the integration testing, to the important performance testing for mobile applications, to the sophisticated security testing, to the usability testing, to the testing for compliance with Section 508, to internationalization, and to cross-browser computability - all on the wired PCs and the wireless mobile devices. The team’s domain expertise comes in handy to ensure that the software functions, the way it should in the real-world.


itTrident is a firm believer in “Do one task at a time and do it well". Today, project and program managers must keep demanding customers satisfied and at bay, track the bottom and top lines, keep pace with technology and associates happy. itTrident can take over the mundane operations of PMO, set up necessary processes and tools and free the managers to focus on important aspects. Dashboards, reports, reminders, billing, tracking, etc. will be taken care of and information will be provided by this team remotely and timely.

Security testing
Security Testing Services

In today's interconnected landscape, a single breach can spell doom for any organization, regardless of its size. Beyond data leaks, even a minor cybersecurity lapse on a small business website can shatter client trust and tarnish reputation. Our Security Testing Services stand as a shield, offering formidable defense to all businesses.


itTrident has rich expertise in the domains of airline ticketing and billing, mutual funds, and healthcare. It has also done projects in insurance, media, and education areas. As a horizontal area which cuts across various vertical domains, itTrident has done many ecommerce related projects such as: teleconsultation with healthcare professionals via web during these COVID times, offering courses and other educational materials via the web and maintaining the student enrolment, their progress, grades and all else until graduation.


itTrident is small enough to treat every customer like a prince, nimble enough to accommodate rapid changes, agile enough to follow agile development which is the order of the day. In the highly competitive environment and crowded space where many software companies offer very similar services, itTrident takes pride in saying that its repeat business is a significant contributor to the gross revenue. “Customer focused, Value conscious and Quality driven” is its Mantra.

Industrial Expertise

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